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ADEQAT in Immobilien Magazin: RealCircle #32 - Circular economy

Following the invitation by IMMOunited, Erste Bank, ERSTE Immobilien KAG, PwC Austria and ImmoFokus, selected decision-makers from the real estate industry discussed and analyzed current trends and long-term effects at the 32nd Real Circle - in the Winter Garden of the Erste Bank Campus.

Our Christian Zehetner was also present.

Topics were among others:

  • Circular economy as a new but necessary challenge
  • How does the change to cycle-oriented processes succeed?
  • How are resources used correctly?
  • How can processes be optimized and what role does digitalization play in this?


You can find the entire article here starting on page 76:

Photo credit: Immo-Timeline/Immobilien Magazin