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This English translation is for convenience purposes only. The German wording is the only legally binding version.  

It is important to us that your privacy is protected when visiting our website. We are therefore informing you in detail about the collection of personal and non-personal data as follows: based on the rights of the data subject described below, the right of use is vested to ADEQAT Investment Services GmbH & Co KG, Tuchlauben 8 / 402, 1010 Vienna (“ADEQAT”) limited to the extent permitted by law. On this website, we apply analytics software. By analysing this data, we can gain valuable insights into the needs of our users. These findings help to continuously improve the quality of our product range. For each access record, the following data set is stored for an unlimited period of time: *anonymized IP address of the requesting computer – whereby it is not possible to restore the actual IP address* date and time of retrieval * name of the retrieved page, respectively of the file* session-ID* referrer-URL (source URL from which you were directed to our website)* data volume transferred* product and version information of the browser used * user operating system – no conclusion can be drawn about your person in this process.  

[1.] What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small text file generated by a website and stored locally by your web browser. Almost every website uses this technology. A cookie is downloaded by your web browser the first time you visit a website. The next time you visit this website (with the same device), the cookie and the information stored in it will either be sent back to the site that generated it (first-party cookie) or sent to another website to which it is linked (third-party cookie). This allows the website to recognise that it has already been accessed with this browser and, in some cases, to vary the content displayed. Some cookies are extremely useful because they can improve the user experience when you return to a website that you have already visited several times before. Provided you use the same device and the same browser you used previously, cookies remember your preferences, they inform you on how to use a specific site and they match the displayed offers with your personal interests and needs. Most of the cookies used by us are so-called session-cookies and will be deleted when you quit your browser. Beyond that, we also use cookies that remain stored locally even after you have terminated your browser session. This is done primarily to improve the user experience when revisiting the website by customising the site to your personal needs and thereby optimizing loading times. 

[2.] Cookie settings on this website

[2.1.] Consent-free cookies

These are so-called “strictly-necessary” cookies. They are essential for the website to provide basic functions without which you would not be able to use the website as intended. These types of cookies are so-called “first-party cookies” and are used exclusively by us. They are stored on your device during the current browser session only. Strictly-necessary cookies: the login function of our investor site employs a so-called “session cookie”. Without this cookie, the functions behind the login could not be executed and you would not be able to sign in. Additionally, this type of cookie ensures the functionality of a change from http to https when changing pages, and thus the compliance with increased security requirements for data transmission (unlike http sites, https sites encrypt your connection). Strictly-necessary cookies are exempt from requiring user consent. They cannot be disabled via the function of this site, but they can at any time be disabled via the browser used. To do so, please see the instructions below.  

[2.2.] First-party cookies subject to consent 

From a purely legal perspective, these cookies are not absolutely essential to use the website, nevertheless they fulfil important tasks. Without them certain functions, which enable a comfortable surfing on our website, such as pre-filled forms, are no longer available. Settings already made, such as a language selection, cannot be saved and must therefore be requested again on each page. Furthermore, we no longer have the possibility to provide you with customised offers. The following is a list of first-party cookies used, together with a detailed description. Cookie name: auto-login cookie: only concerns the login for the ADEQAT investor portal. Task: the cookie remembers if a user is logged in. Storage period: Session or some data for up to 2 weeks (all data are anonymous or anonymized).

[2.3.] Third-party cookies subject to consent

We have also included third-party cookies on this website. Third parties can set cookies on this website and, while you are visiting the site, they will receive the information that you are accessing one of our web pages. For further information about their cookie policy, we kindly ask you to visit these third-party websites. *Cookie name: Google LLC ( Goal: This website uses Google AdWords and, within the framework of Google AdWords, Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Codes are implemented. During this process, Google AdWords sets a Conversion Tracking cookie if you click on an ad set by Google. When you visit specific pages on our website, both Google and we recognize that someone has clicked on the ad and was redirected to this page. The information obtained with the help of Conversion Cookies is used to compile statistics for AdWords clients who use Conversion Tracking. These statistics provide us with the total number of users who have clicked on the ad placed by Google and subsequently visited a site tagged with Conversion Tracking. With Google’s Remarketing tool we can reach customers who have already visited our website. This allows us to present our advertisements to a target group that is already interested in our products or services. During this process we do not, at any time, have knowledge of your personal data or IP address. Storage period: 30 days (all data are anonymous or anonymized). 

[2.4.]Tracking services used

  • Onsite Targeting: On the ADEQAT websites, the cookies described above (session cookies and temporary cookies) are used to store data for the optimisation of advertising offers. No association is made to the respective person using the website – it is simply data collected for the optimisation of the website. The data are used to provide ads/special offers and services tailored to the needs of the specific user. This makes the offer more attractive for customers and therefore better and more customer friendly. This is the only way to offer advertising and services tailored to the respective customer needs, making it highly probable that customers will only receive advertising that is of interest to them rather than a wide range of general ads. The mere use of our website does NOT mean that you will receive advertising mailings from us. We only send a limited amount of advertising messages to those newsletter subscribers who expressly agreed in advance to receive such messages. In addition, the customer can at any time revoke his consent to receiving ads.
  • Retargeting
    Retargeting is very similar to onsite targeting. The main difference is that retargeting involves third parties. ADEQAT’s services use the Retargeting Technology offered by Google LLC. This technology enables us to reach out to a user with advertising on other websites as well. This allows us to provide users with interest-based ads that even go beyond ADEQAT’s range of services. The cookies described above are also used for this purpose, with which the previous usage behaviour is analysed. However, also in this case, no personal data will be stored or forwarded and even ADEQAT partners will not receive any personal user data. Advertising will only be shown on the partner sites, without the data (cookies storing usage behaviour) being merged with the personal data of an identifiable person. Even for the third party, it is not possible to merge the usage behaviour with the person in question. 

[3.] Your Cookie settings

Your browser can be set so that cookies are only created with your explicit consent or are generally rejected. However, we would like to point out that without cookies some areas of the website are restricted or cannot be used at all. You have the possibility to control the use of use of cookies by configuring your browser. Since the procedure depends on the operating system and its version, we have listed the respective websites from which you can select your browser provider and see the relevant instructions:

Internet Explorer (*

Firefox (*

Google Chrome (*

Safari (

[4.] Consent and withdrawal of consent to the cookie policy 

You can withdraw your consent to our cookie policy here. Please confirm your withdrawal by clicking the following button:
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